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I kept you as a memory stored in my heart,
Protecting you from the darkness of my solitude and egoistic wars,
Eager to show you my glory I ran rubbing off the scars,
I realized I fought for a lost cause,
When all you noticed was the ugliness of my scars!

Alright Alright Alright!

I know it’s all clumsy and screwed up,
You are all tired and about to give up.
I know you have tried for long enough,
Forget easy,it has been all rough.
I know it’s not going the way you planned,
Everything is falling apart just as your dream of being grand.
I know the scars of yesterday are still a fright,
Your hopes and optimism are about to die.
But still hang in there for the last fight,
As something tells me that everything is going to be alright!

Christmas Eve

Walking penniless on the Christmas Eve,
I was getting depressed in different shades
The chances of a Christmas miracle looking so sparse
The jingle bells and the holy spirit were lost in the dark
It was then that I saw him shivering and pale
Instead of waiting for one,I decided to be the Santa for once and all
Passed him a blanket to warm his soul
And here it was the Christmas miracle happening all over again!

Zindagi pareshaan hu mein

Kuch khafa kuch hairaan Hu mein
Zindagi tujhse pareshaan Hu mein
Kahi se bhi Niklu ya Kahi bhi pohchu
Har pal haarta insaan Hu mein
Sab chod k dauda mein bhi tere is khel mein,
Sab samajh k bhi itna kyu nadaan Hu mein
Shayad tujhse mohabbat hui hi Nahi Kabhi,
Fir bhi mehfilon m yu hi badnaam Hu mein,

Kuch khafa kuch hairaan Hu mein,
Zindagi tujhse pareshaan Hu mein…

My City

My city might not have the tides of a sea,
But it has the calmness of a river.
My city might not have the charm of tall buildings,
But it has the glory of happy homes.
My city might not have the comfort of lavish cars,
But it has the peace of long walks down the narrow lanes.
My city might not have the variety in cuisines,
But it has the acceptance for diversity.
My city might not be the best in business,
But it certainly has the warmth of home with a comfort in its chaos and a freshness in its naivety!

My Mom

I woke up today and saw her shine
Shining brighter than the waves of time.
It seemed that she was far from where I was,
But she was there like dew drops on morning grass.
I opened my eyes to see her clear,
With love and comfort I saw her stare
Reminded me of moments down the years
Couldn’t think of a time when she wasn’t there.
I tried to walk out, to shine on my own.
“I can face the world, I am all grown.”
But as I walked I felt afraid,
To see the light turning fade
I could not walk anymore in the dark
Feeling lost and about to give up
Then there she came to my rescue
Held my hand and walked me through.
She was the light in my way,
She was the one that made my day,
She was the tree I leaned upon,
An angel I have always known.